Margita Grubiša, Ivana Žalac

Damir Gamulin, Igor Presečan

City of Labin

City square - industrial heritage

Redesign of public square

In reconstruction


Labin, Croatia

5200 m2

An industrial character of the site was the main inspiration for the design approach for the Pjacal square.

Asphalt refined with different sizes of aggregate is used as a contemporary reinterpretation of once-gravelled utility surfaces. The only old element of pavement in the area of Pjacal square is the narrow area around industrial buildings made of concrete. This zone is executed in poured asphalt and is thus differentiated from the surfaces with a dominant texture of the aggregate.

An intentional usage of the same material with a different texture resulted in a homogeneous surface with an allusion of new functions and paths, as well as an allusion to the old usage of space. The remnants of the old railway tracks are deliberately stressed as well. The urban equipment is designed in the spirit of industrial heritage of the site, and is emphasized with elements and materials such as railway sleepers, and steel (former railway tracks and railway carriages). The signalling is implemented within the walking surface in order not to be a competitionto the existing buildings and Soht.