Margita Grubiša, Marin Jelčić, Ivana Žalac


family house




Smolici, Istria, Croatia

300 m2

… this is the story about leaving the big city behind to return to the grandfather’s country estate.

The grandfather’s home – a traditional bungalow-style stone house – dominates the main living spaces, the centre of daily life. An emphasis on openness towards east and west as a connection between the two courtyards allows residents to spend time on either sides, depending on the location of the sun, shadows and theme of the courtyard, living a typical country lifestyle in the outdoors.

The new home, a one-storey building with a gallery, defines the courtyard and communicates with it through the ground and first floor without blocking the view of the old house, while at the same time fulfilling the needs of its urban dwellers.

It is directly connected to the old house and is a part of the same organism. The space on the first storey and gallery is a single, open space, which can be made more private by closing the spaces beneath the gallery.

The final image is defined by the desire for a traditional home that fully merges into its environment, but with an emphasis that it is still a home of a new generation family. Traditional elements are enjoyed through the archetypal shape of the home, its shapes and the colour of the facade, while the environmentally-friendly approach, indoor organisation and construction of the green roof and galley space give the project a contemporary element.

The project’s ecological characteristics are energy efficiency with minimal effects on the environment (a green roof with solar panels, rainwater collection etc).