Margita Grubiša, Daniela Škarica, Ivana Žalac

rock band Mandrili

cd cover

public competition - first prize



Rijeka, Hrvatska

Rock band from Rijeka in cooperation with Society of Architects-Rijeka has announced the competition for the design of the cover for their new album Dementia. The winner of the competition was chosen between 210 submitted works and 134 authors from 6 countries.

The concept for the cover is derived from the main symptom of dementia _forgetfulness. The idea is emphasized by moving the actual physical CD from the cd box where the user would expect it to be and hiding it into the box on the unusual place. By eliminating the usual, expected content of the cd box, the focus of the user is shifted from simple visual identity of the album towards the simple meaning of the term dementia and the music on the album. The design deliberately rouses confusion with the user in the moment of the first contact with the cover, which ends up with surprise in the moment of discovering of the cd within the inlay of the box.

The jury stresses that the band Mandrili self ironically and autoreflectivelly admit that even they are not immune to „collective dementia“, even in the media in which they have decided to fight against it. The design has interpretative dimension which overpasses this particular cd and subversively addresses the question of the future of the cd as a media in general.