Margita Grubiša, Marin Jelčić, Daniela Škarica, Ivana Žalac

Zvonimir Kralj, Ida Polzer, Igor Presečan

EUROPAN 9 , European Urbanity

europan 9 - urbanism competition

international competition



Kotka, Finland

78732 m2

Kotka is a city in Finland, situated on 10 small islands with two centres. One of the centres, situated on the southern Kotkansaari island, has all the basic town functions, whilst Hovinsaari (the competition area), not more than a kilometer away, is mainly a residential zone with empty areas (a former industrial area). The coastal zone in the east is envisaged as a future marine for accommodating domestic and international ships.

The main concept of the project aims to connect the two functionally different parts of the town, in the process of which it is necessary to organize a new location in the context of sustainability. The competition area is organized according to the following: a maximum usage and at the same time minimum disruption of the natural ground, thus creating functional areas in harmony with space and tradition, and adding quality without interferring with the existing one, creation of the new interesting town area whose function is not to take over the role of the old city and adding facilities that would enable multiple usage of collective space and generate added value besides housing and marine needs.

Summer and winter regime

The whole area is meant to be used throughout the year. There are various facilities and functions planned to attract different users. The main difference between the summer and winter usage is the fact that the sea freezes in winter. What has been the passage for yachts and ships during the summer, with small floating beacons-sealights, becomes an open-air hockey and ice-skating rink with an auditorium, physically connecting two parts of the city over the public pontoon.

The green area is filled with different sport grounds, cyclist areas, fishing and picnic grounds… which are mainly used in warmer periods. There are recreational areas with different facilities, swimming pools and sunbathing areas on the pontoon.Technical elements proposed are standard elements used for building pontoons in areas where the sea freezes, with standardized joints and connections and finishings made of wood cladding.